Custom Boutiques

Custom Boutiques

Design a Facebook based commerce site


Custom Boutiques is a new product that allows users to create a Facebook based boutique and sell select products to users, manage the product catalog and administer sales and marketing efforts. The product was new and needed a full information architecture workup, wireframes for all pages to be created, as well as a design and logo. I worked with the client to create a fully functional set of wireframes for all pages, including administration screen and order processing, including checkout.

I designed a clean and unique theme for the application to give it a bit of high-fashion look and feel and ensured it was easy to use and to administer. Enabling the customer to see the application and use it with a functional set of wireframes ensured the user experience was as they intended and gave everyone involved a chance to make things more simple and efficient once they could see and use the product

Site: Custom Boutiques App
Client: Custom Boutiques
What I did: Wireframes,Graphic Design,HTML & CSS,Facebook Integration