IDPA has had the same site design for 10 years. The sport has grown and so has the web. They were in need of a new look, extended features to connect members & a way to connect with official clubs, event sponsors & advertisers. We started with wireframes to organize content and map use cases. Simple content strategy, a clean design and clearly defined funnel for prospective customers. A member services area that connects members to Events, Clubs, Scores and News was added that greatly expanded the connection points for the organization to its users, events organizers, competitors and the industry.

Empathy Mapping

We worked up empathy maps for the most segments of users, that would be the event attendee and competition shooter. This gave us a chance to quickly identify opportunities for improving the user experience and address glaring issues from the start.


User Journey

We mapped out the optimal user journey for a series of common tasks to ensure we could contrast this with the existing process.

Functional Wireframes

Since there was not current membership post-login experience for IDPA, we started directly with wireframes to start to develop of user Journey map of sorts, something functional that could be built quickly and would show the interactions among all the new features needed on the site. Unconventional but for the client is was a “let me see it” process that spoke much more about how the application would work vs a static user journey map and would allow us to envision some of the components needed for the interface upfront.




The interactive wireframes were a living document that was used to build the final works for the design, structure and components were built in tandem with the design so there was no handoff of sorts from design to development, they happened at the same time.




A set of icons were created to be used across the site and all of the organization’s marketing materials and match collateral. It gave all materials a recognizable branding and clean design that was not present prior to the new site launch and community development.