Naviance is a K-12 learning product.The product serves students, teachers, parents and school administrators. The product content was not clear on the benefits and features that it held, it was far too abstract and overwhelming.

I worked with the client in defining Personas. This enabled us to craft the content that would speak to each type of user. We formulated a content map to help define the overall page design and presentation. Upon completion of the content a design was molded around the content and User Journey Maps were created to outline the knowledge obtained. We then tested content comprehension using Moderated Usability Testing.

Post testing we modified a bit of the content and simplified the design further and user added a few items of explanation to the user experience and retested with another round of Moderated Usability Testing with great success.

Client: Naviance
Work: Personas, Moderated Usability Testing, Wireframes, Content Mapping, User Journey Maps, Information Architecture, Site Design