Naviance WordPress Theme

Clearly define product sets for separate client types


Naviance is a K-12 learning product that allows students to map out their paths to success. It also allows parents to track progress and map goals, administrators to define standards and schools to create programs. The product servers many purposes for many different client types, and their current site did not clearly explain why each audience should use the product and what benefits they get from using it – there were many features and it is all too hard to clearly define what audience should use what products.

I worked with the client in creating a clearly defined site structure divided by audience or type of users and a product specific area that clearly defined each part of the product and the benefits for each, by user type.

This was done with a detailed sitemap, wireframes for all pages and and creating a detailed content map to be used for each area that was easy to follow and simple to understand.

I also established a an avenue for the industry experts at Naviance to post content via topical blog entries that would keep the site content fresh, relevant and optimized this content and the site content in its entirety to be search friendly through specific long-tail search phrases.

From this structure I designed a clean progressional design, that spoke of quality and confidence to the users and I developed a custom WordPress theme to house all the new content.

Client: Naviance
Work: Site Wireframes, Content Strategy, Site Design & WordPress Theme Development
Site: Naviance