R-Squared WordPress Theme

R-Squared Wordpress Theme

Design and Product site with specific purpose


R-Squared was looking to design and create a new site that would allow them to showcase their products and services in a simple and easy to understand manner. At the same time, they wanted to allow users to gain access to their industry specific news items and posts in a simple to manage manner, that would also provide a post login experience for users. They also needed to track who was using the site and how. There also needed to be a commerce piece to the site that allowed users to pay for services if they wished to do so.

This was yet another job for a custom WordPress Theme, that has a full-featured user management functionality, content management and document access rights and e-commerce functionality.

I designed and developed a custom WordPress Theme and site that allowed for all the needed functionality and at the same time, looked good and functioned very. I provided the ability to track users usage after signing up for service and created the ability for users to contact inside sales, request more information, manage their accounts and purchase products and service.

Client: R-Squared
Work: Site Design, WordPress Theme Development, E-Commerce integration
Site: R-Squared