Red Cross One

User Preference App

Account settings are managed from multiple locations across the organization. They needed to create a single point for users to manage their account settings, attribute orphan data to their accounts and manage communication settings. We created a persona based on data provided from the support call center and created a user journey map based on the data provided. We Performed analysis of content and current ux patterns for existing functionality and defined requirements and data access rules. Created several iterations of user experience in interactive wireframes and designed user interface then coded it into a Cordova template to be used to be converted into a mobile app for iOS and Android.


This user journey map was created based on a high level of incident reports coming into the support call center surrounding managing communication settings. Users were frustrated with not being able to manage their settings for blood donation accounts and other accounts used at the organization in one place. We were already aware of the current state issues but mapping it help envision the path users took to get to the various pain points.



Making the wireframe operational made it easy to replicate the new user journey, and to validate with internal stakeholders to show how much easier the process could be.



The design was built out in HTML, CSS and JS and build inside a Cordova framework that could easily be translated into the new Adobe Mobile App Platform for data integration so it could be deployed as a standalone iOS and Android application and the functionality could be merged into the existing Adobe Experience Manager site.