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Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone has a need to design and develop a set of marketing landing pages that could be configured to be used for specific marketing campaigns. They had specific set markets of Education, Personal, Military and Business. The design has to be modular and have the ability to be modified as the pages would be tested in various layouts and formats. We designed a page that was configurable via Javascript that would set what content blocks would go in certain areas and what info would be in them. A customer quote, a form, a description, a headline all could be moved around like puzzle pieces. The pages also had to be formatted specifically for tablet for the banner ads specific targets market.


We needed to map out how a typical user would be accessing this page to define the base level content that we could present based on the customer type we identified them in. Some users were going to be looking for more particular things and would be led to this page being set with expectations of offer and messaging. We needed a matrix of these to define the initial variants of the page we would need.