US Training Center


Craft user specific paths

US Training Center has just gone through a corporate rebranding. They were in need of a site that spoke to their new service offerings. We defined new personas, and modeled the user experience to speak to each audience in a specific manner. We worked on existing client profiles and user activity to define 3 personas. We created interactive wireframes to outline the user experience and crafted content to market a evolving suite of services each persona.

Site Page Analysis

We quickly recognized the overlapping of existing content and the need for a user group centric based navigation that would allow the user to choose which group they were and we could present them with content that is only relevant to them. Getting them the info that need quickly in a manner to spoke to their specific needs.


We needed to define the types of users or customers the site would have. They aligned with the types of training that was available. We needed to identify each type of user and speak to them in the overall content, imagery and message. We used personality, technology, motivations and frustrations as well as goals and brands they aligned themselves with.



We created a simple and clean design and made the information easy to access and very clear. We got rid of overlapping messaging and details that were not needed for certain user groups and created an online catalog of training and set a overall tone and theme of professionalism, dedication and expertise.

Homepage Design

Secondary Page



Training Page