VW Credit Drive Easy

Integrate a product microsite into an existing site


VW Credit had created a new line of products that needed a site design and needed to be integrated in, whereas it did not exist prior to its creation. The site had to fall into a pre-established structure and had to display dynamic third party data for product specifications.

The site needed to have calls to action that enabled users to engage with the product. Based on user specific criteria the site made recommendations for coverage and contact details – as well as providing this data into lead engines for internal sales reporting.

I designed a site that fell inline with what was currently using and had dynamic ties to the product specific content on a third party site. The solution used XML run-time data presentation using XSLT and a Javascript Framework. The recommendation engine was a small bit of static logic that was custom programmed and connected with existing lead software. The project required coordinating 3 different content owners and 2 separate established frameworks – and went off without a hitch

Client: Vw Credit
Work: Project Implementation Planning, Site Design, Web Development and Integration
Site: VW CreditVehicle Protection