All that and a bag of chips

UX Designers need to be fluent in many areas, here is a long list of the skills I bring to the table

User Needs Research
Identify the potential users
Structure an effective interview that reveals user goals
Record of each observations
Analyse qualitative data
Present data to drive design
Analyse and interpret existing data
Evaluate previous user research

Usability Evaluation
Select evaluation method
Interpret usability principles
Design an experiment and measure variables
Plan and administer usability evaluation
Analyse the data
Measure usability
Prioritise usability problems

Information Architecture
Establish service design
Users’ models
Structure functions and features
Design patterns for organising content
Develop a controlled vocabulary
Run Card sorting sessions

Interaction Design
User interface patterns
Create user interface animations
Create affordances within a user interface
Create design ideas
Sketch and tell user-centred stories

Visual Design
Fundamental principles of design
Color theory
Branding Concepts

Technical Writing
Write content in plain English
Content from the user’s perspective
Express complex ideas concisely

User interface prototyping

User interface Programming
Can write HTML, CSS, JS
Create functional Style Guides